Picture Perfect
Morning Walk

Daily at 10am
(except Sundays)
Reservations Required

Picture Perfect
Afternoon Walk

Monday- Saturday 1pm 
Sundays at 2pm 
Reservations Required

Private Tours
Motorized or Walking

Customized to your 
interests and schedule.

Remarkable fully narrated two hour walking tour covers 3/4 of a mile in each direction. You'll explore at a leisurely pace, taking frequent rests. Experience the incomparable beauty, unique history and flourishing preservation of Charleston. 

Points of interest will include:

- Waterfront & High Battery Wall
- Old Taverns and Wharfs
- Cotton Barns & Brothels
- Rainbow Row
- Magnificent Mansions  
- Graceful Gardens
- Historic Parks with monuments
- Revolutionary & Civil War sites
- Old Exchange & Provost Dungeon
- Wrought Iron Gates
- The Slave Mart
- Dock St. Theatre
- Colonial Churches & Graveyards
- Earthquake bolts & Insurance markers
- Incredible views and famed history

Tour routes can vary through South of Broad, Waterfront Park, The French Quarter and The Battery. $20 per person.

Tours begin in historic Washington Square Park. Monuments include Elizabeth Jackson – mother of Andrew Jackson,  who gave her live to the American cause in the Revolutionary War, George Washington, First President of the United States, Gen. Pierre G.T. Beauregard, Confederate general in charge of the city's defenses in 1862-1864, and the 40 foot Washington Light Infantry Obelisk.

Witness the "Four Corners of Law", coined in the 1930's as the only street corner in our country with representation of four laws of man. Federal, State, Municipal and Canon. Known in town as "Hail, Mail, Bail or Jail!"

These are exclusive private tours for families, friends, schools, churches, community and business groups.

Availability and rates depend on the season, time of day, and number of guests.

These tours can be tailored to focus on various aspects of Charleston, as well as offering a more intimate touring experience.  

Contact Joyce directly by phone at 843.901.9283
or email at 

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